During the celebration of the ministry beginning with our (then-new) rector, in September, 2009 Bishop Michel reminded us,

"It is God's church and God's work that we are about and God will give the increase and bless us as we show Christ forth to all the world."

Faced with the daunting financial challenges of maintaining church properties constructed by a much larger congregation, we might do well to hear again this assurance that it is God who gives the increase. St. John's life and ministries rely on our members' generous offerings not only of "time, talent & treasure," but of care, prayer, and reaching out to one another to strengthen the bonds of affection that sustain our faithful community.  

St. John’s, as a parish, has been in existence for nearly a century, but its current community has been growing since 2001. We give thanks for the generous stewardship of the first generations of St. John's community, as we pray for the support of friends old and new in helping to sustain the church's considerable facilities. A young congregation, we face the financial struggles of a community of dozens working to support buildings once maintained by a church of hundreds. While our church finances have been significantly impacted by these times of economic hardship, the people of St. John's have shown their commitment to our community by an increase this year in the number of pledges and the average pledge amount. Of course, we continue to faces substantial budgetary struggles, so we always gratefully accept donations in support of our mission and ministries, as well as prayers for our continued growth, sustainability, and gospel witness over the years ahead.

Through generous giving and an abiding commitment to claim our mission of abundant hospitality, the people of St. John's continue to faithfully steward the blessings of this lively community. It is imperative that we continue to focus our prayers and loving labors on growth and giving, inviting and welcoming neighbors and newcomers, and practicing not only faithful stewardship, but the ongoing education of parishioners regarding our needs.

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