Marriage at St. John’s Marriage is a sacred ceremony in which two individuals publicly declare their loving commitment to one another. The church teaches that the love of the couple is a reflection of God’s love and the union of marriage gives us a glimpse of the depth of God’s love for us all. Preparation The Episcopal Church requires that couples planning to enter into the sacrament of marriage are properly prepared. At St John’s, pre-marital preparation usually takes the form of several meetings with the Rector, The Rev. Eric Bond. These meetings are tailored to the needs of each couple. Couples may also be encouraged to undergo additional pre-marital counseling using the services of a professional counselor.  When you are ready, contact the Rector to arrange an initial meeting. Planning the Wedding Couples wishing to be married at St John’s need to give at least six months notice in order for pre-marital preparation to take place. Please contact the Rector to discuss the timing of your wedding before you make plans regarding the reception. It is important that the couple themselves, rather than a relative or friend, work with the Rector and Church Office on the details of planning the marriage. The Service Marriages at St John’s typically follow the liturgical pattern provided in The Book of Common Prayer (see page 423). Part of the process of preparation involves analyzing the marriage service and tailoring it to meet the specific needs and identities of each couple. The Rector will be the presiding celebrant at the wedding. If the bridal couple wish to have other clergy involved in the service, this may be arranged at the discretion of the Rector. Music Music at weddings involves careful thought and preparation. Alan Patterson, Organist at St John’s, will be happy to meet with you and plan your choices. If there is a soloist or instrumental music that requires accompaniment it is essential that the Organist is informed and suitable arrangements made early on.  Usually weddings include hymns to be sung by the whole congregation. Both the Rector and the Organist can help you in choosing hymns. Location The couple may marry in either the chapel or the church. Marriages outside the church grounds are considered on a case by case basis and are at the discretion of the Rector. Photography No flash photography or artificial lights may be used during the service. All photography and video must be taken from the back of church or choir balcony. After the service, photographers are welcome to film in the church.

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