St. John’s is home to a warm and welcoming community that continues to rebuild following the departure of all but a handful of it's members, when the previous congregation left the Episcopal Church a decade ago. That resilient congregational remnant welcomed the neighbors and guests who were called to help them grow and rebuild. Through the working of the Holy Spirit, our church was raised up and began to proclaim and share anew the call of hope and the radical welcome and love of Christ Jesus.

In recent years, St. John's has been supported and strengthened through our relationships with the Nexus School, Church of Our Saviour, and Christ Centered Church, and we give thanks for the blessings of these partnerships that help to call us beyond ourselves.  At St. John's, we aspire to "seek and serve Christ in all persons," welcoming strangers, neighbors, and friends as children of God and inviting our guests to join us as companions in the gracious hospitality of Jesus, our Lord and Christ, brother and friend--we invite you to be his guest and ours!



Our church calls together a lively and loving congregation whose members delight in creativity, good humor, and a gospel witness that speaks liberation and transformation to the needs of the world around us.

A few quotes from church members may help give voice to their (and our) values:

"The inclusiveness appealed to me, as did the message, so I came one Sunday for comfort and kept returning because I love it."

"A loving, supportive group of people doing God's work and abiding in God's love and guidance."

“It has always been clear to me that the intentions and vision of the community as a whole are genuine and true, strengthened by scripture and God’s love and guidance.”

“…It was evident that all were welcomed and loved, not only by God, but by the members of the congregation.”

“In welcoming all at the communion table, nothing better indicates God’s love for the whole human family…”

" This is a wonderful church with a good congregation. Churches like this need to do more than exist--they need to thrive."

Members of St. John’s embrace the values of our Vision Statement and aspire to proclaim the radical grace and gospel hospitality of Jesus Christ.



St. John’s church community is committed to proclaiming the good news of God’s love, and to sharing a message of grace, hope, and renewal with our neighbors near and far.  We strive to stay focused on living our vision through all our ministries, advocating for and providing an inclusive welcome for all God's children, of diverse gifts & abilities, identities & backgrounds.

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